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Static Var Generator

What is ASVG?

ASVG stands for Advanced Static Var Generator.
ASVG acts as a current source that generates a compensation current working as a dynamic current source. Itmonitors the current phase angle and generates real time compensation current to achieve the set displacement power factor.
Advanced static var generator, additionally monitors harmonics up to order of 15th Level and compensates the same on real time basis, thus improving the power quality.
A correctly sized ASVG can not only correct displacement Power factor, but also it can reduce harmonics to <5% THDi.
Dealing in both can result in true unity power factor.

Working Principle of ASVG:

When the load generates inductive or capacitive current, it makes load current lagging or leading the voltage.
ASVG detects the phase angle difference and generates leading or lagging current into the grid, making the phase angle of current almost the same as that of voltage on the transformer side, which corrects the fundamental power factor to almost unity.

ASVG draws the harmonic current from the supply grid in such a way that the magnitude of its current is same as thatof the load side harmonic current, whereas its phase is opposite with respect to that of the load side harmonic current, which ensures that the effective value of the harmonic current on the supply side reduces to a negligible level.

Compensation of series load balancing for 3P3W and 3P4W:

ASVG can correct unbalance between phase – phase and phase to neutral.
Therefore, ASVG is a perfect solution to reactive power compensation with unbalanced load.
ASVG detect the current of each phase, Even if the current is different in each phase, it individually feeds compensation current to each phase to improve the power factor.

♦ Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
♦ Phase: Three Phase
♦ Material: Sheet Metal
♦ Brand: Maurya Enterprises
♦ Model Number: ASVG 50
♦ I Deal In: New Only