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Phase Sequence Panel Manufacturers

Phase Sequence Panel Manufacturers

We are specialized in offering a wide range of phase sequence correctors that is designed and constructed to meet the demands of sensitive three phase equipment. These panels are manufactured using optimum quality of raw material having superior quality. These phase sequence corrector panels prevent damages at the time when the phase is changed or reversed. These are safe to use system are ideal for single phasing and voltage imbalance. Our phase sequence correctors are installed at three phase ups, air conditioners and sensitive and the phase equipment. Phase sequence corrector panel automatically correct the phase sequence at the output terminal rapidly. Load connected to it, will have always right phase sequence. Auto phase sequence corrector is used in various applications like to correct the input sequence of the phase, in case; the phase sequence at the input is incorrect or phase sequence reverses from the utility.

  • Energy efficient
  • Excellent functionality
  • Rugged construction
  • Fully automatic
  • No manual intervention
  • Single phase prevention
  • High or low voltage protection
  • Voltage imbalance protection between phases.
  • Output in the right sequence(r,y,b)
  • These panels are safe to use and ideal for voltage imbalance and single phasing phase sequence correctors panels are installed, the sequence corrector will switch off, during the single phasing or imbalance voltage occur and later, auto reset after the restoration to the previous one. It is used for the protection of pumps, transformers, and motors etc. from getting damaged due to missing phases or negative phase sequence. A wrong sequence is corrected and two output contacts are provided which can be used to switch ON the power contractors. Only the correct sequence contractors will be on the time. However, contractors must be interlocked during power wiring.

    ♦ Suitable for correcting the RYB phase sequence, whenever the sequence is changed or reversed.
    ♦ For Three Phase UPS, during sequence changed or reversed, UPS will start use the battery power battery may become empty within half or one hour.
    ♦ 3Ph air conditioner will be tripped off, due to sequence reversal the entire office will be suffering or disturbed because of AC failure.
    ♦ Avoid damages during phase sequence changes or reversal.
    ♦ The sequence corrector will switch off, during the single phasing or imbalance voltage occur later, auto-reset after restoration.
    ♦ No break downs of Lifts, UPS, Machineries 3 air conditioner or any motors or 3-phase system due to any change in sequence.

    ♦ Banks
    ♦ Three phase air conditioners
    ♦ Sensitive and three phase equipment
    ♦ Installed at three phase UPS
    ♦ Showrooms
    ♦ Petrol Pumps.

    30 Amps, 40A, 60A, 100A, 125A, 150A, 200A, 250A, 300A, 400A, 450A, Upto 630 Amps.